Disappear Retreat By Coulson

Nature, as it is popularly conceived today, is something you go visit. It is not where you live, work, or eat. It is separate and apart from our daily lives. This framing of our shared environment is something that groups like architecture firm Coulson are trying to change with projects like their Disappear Retreat.

While a lot of architects only engage with the technical aspects of building environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings and homes, architect Carly Coulson found herself interested building a cabin that embraced the experience of being in nature. This pre-fab cabin from the young architecture firm is designed to exist completely off the grid. That means the 83-square-foot home use only passive heating and cooling systems in order to keep the interior comfortable for inhabitants. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the tiny cabin’s four walls are made up of a semi-reflective glass – concealing it from the outside (though not for animals, who can see the transparent UV color), and allowing guests to take in the world around them.

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