Bowtex Kevlar Motorcycle Base Layer

No matter which way you swing it, riding a motorcycle is a dangerous business. It can be made safer, however, by strapping on the appropriate safety gear – like a helmet, a good pair of boots, and some kind of body armor. But, if your riding outfit of choice wasn’t specifically made for riding, you need not fear. Bowtex’s Kevlar Motorcycle Base Layer can keep you protected, anyway.

Made from a combination of 55% DuPont Kevlar, 25% Protex-M, and 20% cotton – these long johns are designed to fit under your normal clothes, but still offer a tremendous amount of abrasion protection if you take a spill. They also feature 100% Kevlar on the knees, backside, hips, elbows, shoulders, and back for added protection in those vulnerable spots. And if that’s still not good enough, they also have pockets for actual body armor inserts – making it perhaps the safest and most versatile base layer around. Pricing are set at $196 for the leggings and $245 for the shirt.

Purchase: $196+

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