Best Made Workshop Clock

A clock can be as much a tool as it can be a pest. It’s great for when you need to keep track of appointments, but when you’re deep in a project? Time warps. Minutes go by too quickly. And when you’re stuck? They go by much, much too slowly. One great way to get the best of both worlds is by hanging Best Made’s Workshop Clock up on your wall.

Measuring in at about 15 by 15-inches with the clock diameter coming in a little under at 12.5-inches, this thing can either be placed on a shelf or hung from the wall. The exterior case was made and powder coated here in the U.S., while the clock that it holds was assembled in Japan with a Vietnamese movement. That internal quartz movement drives the trio of hands around the black face marked with Best Made’s custom indicator typeface that tells both civilian and military time. Whether you’re looking to protect your clock from flying wood chips or just shield your own sanity when getting down to business – this item is a great add to the workshop.

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