Bandit9 L-Concept Motorcycle

Say what you will about Star Trek, but there’s no denying its iconic imagery and the influence it’s had on popular culture. In fact, it has even reached as far as the world of custom bikes, thanks to Bandit9’s beautiful futuristic L-Concept motorcycle.

Screaming science fiction from tip to tail, this incredibly unique cafe racer features a unibody construction – meaning its cowl, gas tank, and seat are all crafted from a single uninterrupted piece of handmade polished steel. To complete its starship appearance, the suspended 125cc engine was modeled after the reactor aboard the USS Enterprise – with an exhaust tucked neatly beneath it. The L-Concept also features a blindingly-bright 5 LED vertical headlight, an LED tail light grid reminiscent perhaps of HAL or Battlestar Galactica’s Cylons, solid aluminum custom handlebars, and innovative flat dual shocks. And all that will cost you just $10,950 – though only 4 of the 9 that were built are left.

Purchase: $10,950

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