2018 Zero DSR Electric Motorcycle

For many people looking to find the perfect all purpose motorcycle, there needs to be an even balance of on and off-road performance, all without compromising any of the fun factor on either surface. Zero Motorcycles has been chasing this dream with their electric line of dual sport bikes for over six years, and their 2018 DSR may be their best attempt yat at executing a mute multi medium motorcycle.

A variant of the DS model line, the DSR sits at the top and includes all of the highest performing options available from Zero currently. Launched by a proprietary brushless motor that produces 70 hp and 116 lb•ft of torque from a standstill, the DSR pushes a top speed of 102 mph, surely enough speed to get anyone excited on the pavement or dirt. Energy is stored in a 14.4 kWh lithium-ion pack that provides an average 105 mile range, with a 9.8 hour recharge time, and will continue recharging to near full capacity after over 200,000 miles of use. Optional battery and charging accessories can extend the range by 30 miles and cut the recharge time by six hours, for those that simply can’t wait to get their share of electric two wheeled fun.

Purchase: $16,500+

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