2018 RUF SCR

Several months ago, Singer Vehicle Design announced that they were going to be producing their own naturally-aspirated 500-horsepower engine for use in their Porsche-inspired vehicles. Unbeknownst to them, their big-time competitors at RUF were also working on loading their own cars with a naturally-aspirated engine, which has just been unveiled in their new 2018 RUF SCR. And, wouldn’t you know it, it’s even more powerful.

The German customizing house has always been a big name for their spot-on old-school Porsche builds. But this new one takes the cake – offering a whopping 510 horsepower and 347 foot-pounds of torque. And that naturally-aspirated flat-six isn’t even where the innovation stops. The SCR also features a completely in-house developed carbon fiber monocoque chassis, lightening this bad boy to 2,756 pounds without sacrificing strength. And that lightness also means better performance – to the tune of a top speed of 199 mph. It’s unclear how much this badass 911-inspired sports car will cost, but we imagine it won’t go cheap.

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