1969 Ford Bronco ‘Urban Madness’ By RMD Garage

Imagine, if you will, your dream SUV – all the bells and whistles you could ever want or need. Now, if it doesn’t look something like RMD Garage’s ‘Urban Madness’ 1969 Ford Bronco, maybe it’s time to set your sights a little bit higher.

Interestingly, RMD actually specializes in street rods and lowriders. But they wanted to flex their muscles and build something a little bit… angrier. And we think they succeeded in spades. This absurdly cool SUV, which is powered by a 302-cubic-inch small block V8, features a custom one-off roll cage, comprehensive body-wide LED lighting, chopped down doors, a handcrafted grille, and an Army-inspired paint job. And that’s just the beginning – it’s also affixed with a WARN winch, Go Rhino bumpers and roof rack, and even comes with an axe for when stuff really hits the fan. In spite of its city-dwelling name, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this beast tearing up the backcountry. If you want it, however, you’ll have to get in touch with RMD for availability and pricing.

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