Sony Xperia Duo Headphones

As it becomes more and more natural to let our headphones sit in or on our ears throughout the day, what it is we want out of these headphones has begun to change. The market is less interested with fully blocking out the world and more keen on having a more seamless relationship with their tech. That, in part, is what Sony is trying to accomplish with their Xperia Duo wireless earphones.

The earphones feature a special configuration that doesn’t block the ear canal, so it allows users to listen to their music or voice assistant without actually blocking out the rest of the world. To take a call, send an email, or get a reminder about what is coming up on the calendar, just tap once on the drivers and Xperia Duo will connect you to either Google Assistant or Siri. For a comfortable fit, the earphones are easily adjustable and lightweight enough that you’ll forget they’re even there. Right now you can pick these up in either a black or gold color way.

Purchase: $280

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