Snohetta ‘Svart’ Powerhouse Hotel

When it comes to sleek, modern buildings, Snohetta is something of a powerhouse. The Norwegian-based architecture firm designs stunning structures for their clients while at the same time positioning their architectural illustrations to go viral. The newest project to catch the eyes of bloggers and architecture websites the world round? Snohetta’s ‘Svart’ Powerhouse Hotel.

Located at the foot of the Svartisen glacier in Norway, this hotel had to balance the client’s desire to bring vacationers close to the beauty of the Arctic Circle without leaving too much of a footprint. This goal was accomplished in a number of different ways. First, the circular building was extended out from the shoreline and into the water where it is supported by Fiskehjell wooden beams that hold up the entire hotel. As a result, the hotel leaves much less of a mark on the fragile environment and can actually be accessed by boat. The most impressive part of this building, however, is not immediately apparent in these illustrations. Thanks to a combination of the use of solar panels and energy optimized design, this hotel actually uses 85% less energy than most all standard hotels. If built to spec, this building will be the first of its kind north of the Arctic Circle.

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