Rove Adventure Trailer Rentals

You shouldn’t have to invest thousands of dollars into an adventure trailer in order to actually spend a fun weekend out at a local campsite. Or at least that is what the team at Rove Rentals thinks is the case; hence, their Adventure and Roof Top Tent rentals.

Feel like you want to bring more than just you and your partner on a trip? Rove’s Ultimate Adventure Trailers features a main cabin with a queen sized memory foam mattress, towels, interior maple cabinets and drawers for storing your gear. The outside of the trailer has a stainless steel bar sink, countertop, and 2 burner stove powered by a 10 pound propane tank that comes full. Not trying to pack so heavy? The Utility Adventure Trailer weighs about 1,000 pounds less than its larger counterpart and still offers a whole lot of storage and plenty of room for setting up a rooftop tent. Rentals start at $40 a night.

Purchase: $40+

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