Radiate Portable Campfire

Making your own campfire is overrated. Or at least that the folks behind the Radiate Protable Campfire think.

This simple, easy to use can is designed to light up with as little as one match and can burn for over 4 hours. All users have to do is to remove the tin can top, light one of the recycled paper pulp briquettes, and let it burn. And thanks to the use of a non-toxic kosher recycled soy wax, your hot dogs or marshmallows won’t take on a funky taste or smell after being roasted over the roaring flame. Want to wind the party down quickly? Just throw the top back on the can and it’ll put itself out for easy transport and cleanup. While we can’t say that this would ever beat out a real fire, it’s hard to deny that this American made portable campfire is pretty handy for when you want to pull off an impromptu beach bonfire or camping trip.

Purchase: $28

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