R/C Airsoft Battle Tanks

The best small-scale remote-controlled vehicles are the ones that incorporate some of the functionality of their larger counterparts. For instance, an R/C Jeep is much cooler if it can actually go offroad. Similarly, these 1/16 scale battle tanks are made all the cooler for the fact that they can actually shoot Airsoft BBs.

Available in a number of different styles – including several versions of the U.S. Abrams and Sherman; German Leopard, Tiger, and Panther; and Russian T-90 – these are the perfect toys to wage backyard warfare. And yes, they do fire actual BBs. Similarly, though they vary from price point to price point, most are also equipped to create authentic tank sounds, feature high-grip treads, and offer multiple speeds (adjustable from the remote). The next time you find yourself in a disagreement with your friend or family members, settle it with these killer R/C Airsoft Battle Tanks. Pricing starts at $53.

Purchase: $53+

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