Quintessenza All-Electric Porsche 911

As electric vehicles become more popular and the petrol engine begins to die off, we often wonder what will happen to our favorite classic cars. The Dutch makers at Voitures Extravert have the same worry – but they’re doing something wonderful about it: transforming old model Porsche 911s into all-electric vehicles.

No, they’re not dismantling perfectly good cars. Instead, they’re taking wrecked, salvaged, and otherwise unusable donor vehicles and parts and rebuilding them into their Quintessenza EV sports cars. Available in two models – the SE (pre-1974 911s) and the TE (late ’70s to ’80s) – these new franken-cars feature iconic Porsche styling, but with modern tech under the hood. In fact, they have an operable range of 250 miles per charge, feature regenerative braking, do 0-62 in under 6 seconds, and have a top speed of about 125 mph. The brand is in the process of taking 2019 reservations, but these modernized classics come at a high price – roughly $370,000.

Purchase: $370,000

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