Pocket Sprite Keychain Retro Console

When Nintendo released the original Game Boy, it revolutionized the gaming industry – fulfilling the dream of players everywhere to be able to enjoy their favorite games on the go. Nowadays, however, that now retro console feels like a giant brick when compared to the portability of our phones. But that’s why we love the Pocket Sprite – it’s got a massive amount of gaming capability (something surprisingly lacking in our mobile devices) but is small enough to fit on our keychains.

In spite of how minuscule it is, the Pocket Sprite can play games from Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Sega Master System, and Game Gear – that includes a wealth of Mario & Sonic games, as well as a ton of others. And you need not worry about image quality, as it’s fitted with an OLED display capable of producing a crisp full-color image despite how small it is. It also features clicky buttons and a D-pad for satisfying tactile control, a rechargeable battery, and Wi-Fi capability – which makes downloading new games as easy as pie and gives developers (both professional and amateur) free reign of the device’s open source capabilities. Preorder the Pocket Sprite now starting at $55.

Purchase: $55+

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