PicoBrew Pro Z Series

PicoBrew, the company behind popular products like their countertop distillers and beer brewers, have just made a big announcement; the opening of pre-release orders on their PicoBrew Pro Z Series brewers.

An expansion on the brand’s popular Zymatic – an all encapsulated brewing system that allows for easy setup and brewing – the Z-series boasts the ability to stack up to four brewers in one tower and brew between 2.5 and 10 gallons of beer at a time. But more than just offering home brewers and small businesses the ability to whip up their own store of studs without going through the hassle of putting together a complex system of tubes and buckets – the Z-series is also connected to the internet, making it easy for users to access recipes online and making logs of their custom brews. Don’t feel like making your own beer? You can purchase PicoPacks – essentially giant Nespresso pods of beer – for plugging into your own home brewer. All things said a fun gadget for using in everything from your home garage to small brewery.

Purchase: $1,500+

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