Patagonia Action Works

Tinder, Facebook, and Snapchat are no longer the only big-name brands trying to connect people. Introducing the newly launched Patagonia Action Works.

This online service from the Ventura, California-based outdoor brand is aimed at connecting individuals with local environmental groups. Users can search either by location, or by grant categories (this includes land, water, climate, communities, and biodiversity) to connect with nearby organizations that are doing the hard, and often thankless work of advocating for the environment.

This move from Patagonia is a bit of a shift from their usual strategy of educating customers with the hopes that understanding and appreciating our natural world will catalyze action. The brand is now actually tapping into their own customer base in an attempt to connect their them with causes they care about. Chouinard, maybe showing his age, compared it to an online dating service. Frankly, we think the comparison is a little off. Though precarious, the state of the environment looks much more promising than our dating prospects.

Patagonia Action Works

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