NOMAD Hammock Backpack

Over the past couple years we’ve seen a number of products that pitch themselves as ‘foldable’ and easily packable. Everything from kayaks to tents have gotten the treatment. And while the idea for an easy-to-pack hammock definitely isn’t new, NOMAD’s Hammock Backpack certainly is well done.

Apparently inspired by the art of origami, this hammock is designed to both function as a 20-liter backpack, and easily unfold into a comfortable sling in which to take a nap. Made from Cordura fabric and featuring Duraflex buckles, the Italy-based design team at NOMAD definitely didn’t skimp when it came to sourcing the right materials. And while we don’t usually mention this explicitly, it’s also worth noting that the brand managed to somehow make a Kickstarter video that doesn’t make us totally want to rip our hair out. Note the total lack of banjos and voice-overs. Incredible. Right now NOMAD is offering up the pack for $240 on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter: $240+

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