Nokia 8110 Phone

Nokia has, for some reason, managed to retain a soft spot in all of our hearts for making clunky, durable feature phones. Take for instance their newest release, the Nokia 8110 Phone, a throwback version of the same phone Keanu Reeves used in The Matrix nearly 20 years ago.

To be honest, the function of this phone seems to be more about reminding us of how old we’ve all gotten rather than, you know, calling people or posting bad tweets when we should be working. The 8110, or ‘banana phone’ as its predecessor the 7110 was nicknamed, is set to come in both yellow and black, will feature 4G LTE, an Android OS, and web browsing capabilities. It also features a 2MP front camera (for some reason) and has 512MB or RAM and 4GB of storage. Want to shoot a text to a friend? Better dust off your T9 skills because that is all you will have at your disposal once the plastic cover is slid open. And yes. It has Snake. Look for these starting in May of this year.

Purchase: $97

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