Mymanu CLIK + Instant Translator

We live in a world with a lot of barriers; natural, political, and of course linguistic. It can often feel like there isn’t much we can change about the first two, but at least Mymanu is doing their best to demolish the third with their new CLIK + instant translator.

These wireless in-ear headphones have the ability to live-translate up to 37 languages in real time. That means you can participate in conversations with groups of people speaking different languages, with individuals you meet on the street, or with different people across the world using Mymanu’s air translation. But more than just translating, these earbuds also function as a pair of headphones. Thanks to the Bluetooth capability and Qualcomm aptX codec, audio comes through sounding crisp and full. A charge on these earbuds can last for up to 6 hours and can be easily juiced-up using the accompanying case.

Purchase: $250+

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