Jet Capsule ‘Mini Jet’ Yacht

Everyone remembers how fun it looked when George Jetson was cruising around in his flying car; banking turns with ease, effortlessly commanding the family wagon, and dropping the family out of a hatch without even slowing down. Though we haven’t made it to flying cars, Italian yacht manufacturer Jet Capsule is getting us closer to that limitless feeling, but in water, with their ‘Mini Jet’ micro yacht.

A smaller version of the previously released Jet Capsule line of enclosed cabin jet boats, the Mini Jet is built on a 5-meter hull designed to carry five adults. The cockpit features a convertible carbon fiber lid that completely changes the look from the Jetsons’ pod to a jetsetters’ punt. Buyers have their choice of four motor options, a 315 hp petrol engine, 260 hp diesel, 160 hp electric, or a hybrid system that adds an auxiliary 80 hp power motor to the petrol unit, producing a maximum speed of 45 knots.

Purchase: $69,000+

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