Jaguar F-Type ‘Thunder’ By Lister Motor Company

While they’re not a household name – at least here in the States – Lister Motor Company is actually Britain’s oldest and most successful racing car company. And though a lot of that success can be found back in the ’50s when they were dominating the racing circuit, their latest endeavor – a supercar they’ve named ‘Thunder’ – still exhibits their top-tier pedigree.

Based on a Jaguar F-Type, Lister decided that, rather than reinvent the wheel, they’d take an already formidable car and beef it up even more. So they took the stock supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine in the car and tweaked it just enough (with custom intercoolers, a performance air filtration system, and new dual supercharger pulleys) to bump up the horsepower to a devilish 666 and the torque to 721 ft-lb. Now it does 0-60 in a breezy 3.2 seconds and has a top speed of 208 mph. They’ve also enhanced both the exterior and interior with bespoke upgrades – including a pitch black with just a touch of green color scheme, 21″ alloy wheels fitted with Michelin Supersoft XL tires, a fully redone interior, and more. But only 99 of these beasts will ever be made at a price of $198,700 – so act quickly.

Purchase: $198,700

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