Jaguar D-Type Classic Continuation Cars

There is something to say about the simplistic automotive design and production of yesteryear. Back in the day, cutting edge race cars didn’t require space age technology to set records on the track – just petrol and grit. Jaguar knows this nostalgic feeling all too well, as they have announced they will be firing up the factory line to pump out 25 more D-Type racers as classic continuation cars built to original spec.

Known to many as the sexiest car ever made, Jaguar claimed they would originally produce 100 units , though the last D-Type rolled out of assembly in 1956 and it was only the 75th machine built. Jaguar is now owning up to this promise by cranking out another 25 examples from their Warwickshire, UK production facility, completing the original production target a mere 62 years late. Best known for consecutive sweeps in the 24 Hours of Les Mans event from 1955-57, the D-Type is a thoroughbred racer down to its core. Buyers will be able to choose between long and short nosed production variants, with the engineering sample shown here built as the 1956 long nosed style characterized by the stretching bonnet and aerodynamic wing behind the cockpit.

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