Nano S 360-Degree iPhone Camera

While the newest iterations of Apple’s iPhone have some pretty impressive specs, there’s still one thing they can’t do: shoot 360-degree footage. Luckily, the folks at Insta360 have got you covered with their new iPhone peripheral, the Nano S.

Remarkably slim and small, this accessory plugs directly into your phone’s Lightning port (yes, that means it’s compatible with the iPhone 6 and up). Once that’s done, you’re free to shoot your choice of either 4k video or take 22 megapixel photos. You can even use it for live streaming, video chat, or crop pictures and video for later, as the device gives you total control over exactly which part of the frame is shown to viewers. The Nano S will even use your phone’s onboard gyroscope to stabilize your footage, for smooth shots every time. Pick one up today for $239.

Purchase: $239

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