Honda CB590 ‘R6’ By Sinroja Motorcycles

The things you love doing are not always the things that keep the lights on. Custom motorcycle builders know this all too well. They often take on projects they need to do while pining for builds they’d rather take on. It’s for that reason that we’re sure most builders out there are jealous of the fact that the team at Sinroja Motorcycles of Leicester, England, Rahul Sinroja got to take some time off from the grind to build their own beautiful Honda CB590 named the ‘R6’.

Having built a name on wonderfully done custom BMW motorcycles, the Sinroja squad diverged from the norm with this Honda CB project. Starting with a doner CB550, the frame received a subframe amputation and upgraded replacement, with a complete detabbing and the addition of high mounted passenger pegs. Suspension saw modifications as well, with the shocks being swapped for a heavy duty set with piggyback reservoirs, and the fork seeing a new lower on one side for an extra brake caliper before being fitted with a custom set of aluminum clip on bar mounts for the authentic cafe posture. Motor upgrades abound on the CB, with the cylinders bored out to up the displacement to 590cc, a fresh head was swapped in from a 650, and a completely new top end installed, complemented by new valve seats, valves and a high-lift cam. Finishing touches include a classically cross-stitched leather saddle and immaculate bespoke four-into-one exhaust capped with a Cone Engineering muffler for the true street racer look.

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