Honda CB350 ‘One’ By Titan Motorcycles

For motorcycle aficionados the term ‘hoarding’ is never taken lightly, as you never know when the need for an old part is going to spring up, so rarely is anything ever considered junk. Austrian custom build house Titan Motorcycles is built off a pile of decrepit bikes, quite literally, and the most recent heap to be pulled from their stack is a Honda CB350 racer known as the ‘One.’

Starting with a rusty old frameset, wheels, and fork, Tom and Michael, the complete Titan Moto team, got to work by stripping everything down to clean, bare metal for a classic barn built racer look. For suspension, the Honda saw the dual shock rear end swapped for a custom horizontal mount monoshock setup, requiring a completely different subframe to be added to the steel frame, and the fork was sprung heavy then slammed for a much more aggressive stance. A hand shaped olive wood saddle crowns the latter half of the bike, and a sweeping set of bespoke handlebars cap of the helm. Underneath all of this amazing work is an even more outrageous feature, as Titan reversed the entire top end of the engine, creating a ‘forced induction’ style intake and allowing for a quick exit of exhaust through the shorty straight headers. When asked why they would undertake such a bizzaro mechanical operation, Michael simply answers, ‘Because I can.’

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