Gina Smart Coffee Maker

The whole idea behind pour-over coffee is that absent automation, baristas and at-home coffee nerds are able to achieve a higher level of precision and customization with their brews. Think of it as the ‘don’t ask anyone to do a job you can do yourself’ theory of coffee. Unfortunately, the downside of stripping away all of the modern conveniences of coffee brewing is, well, the lack of modern conveniences. Goat Story is attempting to bring some of those back with their Gina Smart Coffee Maker.

Built right into this pour-over coffee setup is a special Bluetooth scale that talks to a smartphone app. Together, the two make measuring the weight of your coffee grounds and water you’re pouring over them a lot more intuitive and easy. Along with keeping track of weight and time, the app also comes with a number of pre-set brewing guidelines, and allows users to set their own. But more than just featuring neat technology, the design of the brewer allows for users to brew using multiple methods including immersion, cold brew, and french press. Right now you can pick one up with or without the Bluetooth technology, and in either steel, white, or black.

Purchase: $230

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