DroneGun Tactical

With the increased availability and lowering prices of remote-controlled flying robots, so too increases the risk that your privacy and personal space will be compromised by a nosy drone pilot. Luckily, a deterrent and defense exists in the form of the DroneGun. And the device just got a little bit smaller and a lot more self-contained with the new Tactical edition.

Offering many of the same performance specs as the original DroneGun – an effective drone-disabling range of 0.6 miles, immediate video-streaming interruption, and little-to-no necessary training – this is one of the best and safest ways to protect your airspace from flying robots. This one also has a few legs-up on the original DroneGun. They include a wider range of affected frequencies, optional GPS and GLONASS disruption capability, and the fact that this one is completely self-contained. That last bit is very exciting, because it means you don’t have to haul around a bunch of gear in a backpack to use this excellent device. For now, the DroneGun Tactical is banned for use by private citizens in the USA, but that could change at some point in the future.

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