Caterpillar S61 Smartphone

A couple of years ago, Caterpillar – a brand best known for their construction equipment – introduced a ruggedized smartphone with thermal imaging capabilities. Now, they’ve finally improved upon that phone with the release of its successor: the S61. Which is just as tough, but a lot more capable.

Like its predecessor, this workman’s smartphone can withstand drops, extreme temperatures (-4 to 752-degrees Fahrenheit), and is even water-resistant up to 3 meters for a full hour (IP68). But this one is an improvement in many ways when it comes to the tech inside. For instance, it now has the ability to measure distance via a built-in laser and can measure the air quality of any given space, as well as warn the user if it isn’t safe to breathe. The original’s most impressive feature – it’s thermal imaging camera – has been given an overhaul, as well. The new one can now overlay HD images with the thermal feed and can even live stream them – a handy ability if you need to send images back to your HQ for on-the-job consideration. The S61 will retail for around $1,110.

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