Carbon Fiber Falcon 9 Rocket Chandelier

Good design goes unnoticed. Until it doesn’t. Take for instance the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo, NBC’s peacock, and the Golden Gate Bridge above Cisco’s emblem – all of those logos do such a good job communicating to the viewer the brand’s identity that the way in which they do it goes almost unnoticed. The same brilliant trick can also be observed on the Falcon 9 Rocket Chandelier.

On first glance, this lighting element looks somewhat normal – like something you’d find at Pottery Barn. Yet closer inspection reveals that the arrangement and design of the lights is modeled directly after the boosters on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Rocket. It’s a detail that once noticed, is impossible to ignore. But if you were to ask the man who helmed this project, Andrew McCalip, the most striking about the chandelier is the materials and the methods used to make it. The Cosine Additive co-founder and one-time SpaceX intern is producing the lamp using two different substances; a glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate, and a special PPS-carbon fiber reinforced material. Fun fact — latter option is the highest strength 3D printing material ever developed. Whether you are more of a design nerd, a would-be space explorer, or a sucker for 3D printing – this chandelier hits all the right spots.

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