Cabin On A Rock By I-Kanda

Some architects and designers look to master their surroundings. Not I-Kanda. The Boston-based architecture firm instead opted to both adapt to the needs of the space they were building their Cabin On A Rock, and to the changing requirements of their clients.

Rather than level or shape the property’s geography, the Boston-based firm set the house on series of 9 hand-poured concrete footings – lofting it just above the uneven granite beneath it. As they continued on in their design and build process, their clients – first a two person family – added two new members, forcing them to add on more rooms and space. As a result, the cabin looks, as I-Kanda puts it, ‘to be in constant transformation depending on one’s vantage point’. Indeed, the home appears to be swirling around itself and out towards the highest peaks of the beauty of New Hampshire’s National Forest.

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