Bulletproof Tesla Model S By Armormax

Being the fastest on Earth is an impressive feat, whether it is the speediest animal or the fastest hot dog eater, overall it is simply amazing to watch anything move quickly. The same is true for things that we wouldn’t normally associate with being nimble, like the world’s fastest armored car, as shown by the Tesla Model S recently built by Armormax of Ogden, Utah.

Ordered by a Middle Eastern businessman, Armormax set out to equip this 2018 Tesla Model S P100D with everything the commissioner would need to protect themselves from the region’s ever expanding list of munitions from handguns to high powered automatic weapons. Using Armormax proprietary synthetic fiber laminate armoring, and layered glass, acrylic, polycarbonate laminates to replace the factory glass, the Tesla becomes 100% bulletproof while only adding 550-pounds of weight, as opposed to the 3,000-pounds added when the traditional material of ballistic steel is used. After being fully clad in the projectile penetrating prevention materials the Model S was still able to accelerate from 0 – 60 mph in 2.4 seconds, definitively making it the fastest armored car on the planet.

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