Barrington Residence By Eric Rosen Architects

In 1974 a man by the name of Gordon Matta-Clark drove to Englewood, New Jersey with a car full of saws and tools. Once he arrived at his friend’s home, the young sculptor stepped out of the car, had a smoke, and began cutting the building in half. Splitting, the name of the radical project, became such an influential piece in the architecture and sculpture world that even after 40 years, firms like Eric Rosen Architect’s would cite it as influence for buildings like the recently finished Barrington Residence.

It doesn’t take much work to see the influence here. This 9500-square foot home was designed with the intention of obscuring the line between interior and exterior spaces. The building features a number of sharp-edged cuts into the hillside that open up to concrete landings and conceal the roof of the three-storied residence with grass. That top portion of the home boasts not only a lush green lawn for hanging out on during sunny days, but a poolside terrace with views of downtown Los Angeles. Word is it enjoys better weather than Englewood, New Jersey, too.

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