Auction Block: 1967 Porsche 911 2.0 S Rally

There is not much that can bring us more joy than a car that appears to be poised for excelling on the pavement that is actually an off-road ready racer. Porsche owners seem to have this same fascination with converting their highly capable on-road sports cars to dirt road destroyers, and this 1967 911 2.0 S in full rally trim is a superb example of one of those owners doing it right.

Originally imported to the US in ‘67, this 911 2.0 S has been more recently given the rally style makeover by Windrush Evolutions, WEVO, out of San Carlos, California. This package included a welded in roll cage, FIA-approved competition seats and harnesses, and a fire extinguishing system, giving this racer much more than superficial modifications. The 2.0-Liter engine received a little love in the way of 40mm Weber carbs, upgraded cams, a twin plug ignition, and an external oil cooler to keep the hopped up boxster from getting a hot head. These mods push the 911 to an estimated 170 hp, and the close ratio transmission provide quick shifts through 4th, allowing for pinpoint throttle accuracy while wading through the weeds. Sold as is, the current owner is also throwing in some spare parts, helmets and race radios, giving no reason why 911 S’ new owner won’t be ready to rally.

Purchase: $250,000+

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