Arara Battery-Free Bike Lights

We all have a tendency to forget things pretty frequently. We neglect to send off checks at the end of the month, leave our keys at restaurants, and forget to strap our fancy bike lights to our handlebars and seat post. For a long time, the only thing you could do if you were guilty of the latter offense was to slap your forehead and try not to get run over. Arara came up with a better solution; battery free bike lights.

These wheel-mounted bike lights are designed to be attached to your bike once – so you’ll never forget to put them on before morning rides or sprints back home from work. And thanks to their low-profile design, they’re less likely to tempt sticky hands. Worried about changing batteries? Don’t. When the lights move past the neodymium magnets attached to the frame of the bike, they generate electricity that then powers the lights. These are going live on Indiegogo in the middle of February, and those that subscribe for an email update will get 20% off the initial sticker price.

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