Albert Einstein’s Levi’s Menlo Cossack Jacket

Einstein wasn’t really interested in how he dressed. Like Steve Jobs with his jeans and turtleneck and Zuckerberg with his hoodies and 504s – Einstein opted for a uniform rather than a series of outfits. Now, the most essential part of that uniform, a Levi’s Menlo Cossack leather jacket, is being recreated and put up for sale by the same brand that sold it to him in the 1930s.

In July of 2016, Levi’s Strauss – interested in preserving the jacket in their personal collection – bid on and won the original leather Menlo Cossack worn by the genius German emigre. Now, a little less than two years later, the brand has faithfully recreated the jacket for purchase by the public. Included in the package is a replica of the paddle Levi’s used to bid on the jacket from Christies, a booklet, tote bag, and a specially paired fragrance from D.S. & Durga. The cologne was designed to smell like a combination of Einstein’s tobacco, and the manuscripts that littered his lab. Only 500 of these will be made and are set to retail for $1,200 starting the 26th of February.

Purchase: $1,200

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