2019 Volvo V60

Volvo, as a brand, as become known as a safe car choice. But this perhaps inaccurate branding has allowed them to pump out some excellent under-the-radar road-goers. And now there’s another quite interesting offering emerging from the brand: their new 2019 V60.

First off, this new take on Volvo’s station wagon is sleeker than previous generations – boasting cleaner lines, as well as a wider and lower stance. But a lot of what makes this car special is situated under the hood. Yes, there are petrol and diesel options, but it’s also available with two plug-in hybrid powertrains – the best of the two offering a whopping 390 horsepower. As a perfect pairing with all that power, the V60 also comes equipped with an automatic braking system, high-tech driver assistance, and a bevy of entertainment features – ranging from Apple CarPlay to Android Auto and so much more. No word yet on price, but you can expect to see this car head to market later this year.

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