1999 Kawasaki W650 ‘SixFiveOh’ By Wreckless Motorcycles

Building bikes for the love of the machine is really what it boils down to for most garage tinkerers, some with the hopes of one day being able to put all the pieces together and make a living from their passion. Rick Geall of Northamptonshire has been chasing this dream as he finds himself in between ‘regular’ jobs, working with partner Iain to form Wreckless Motorcycles, with their first build being this superb 1999 Kawasaki W650 dubbed ‘SixFiveOh,’ a bike that is surely going to fast track this novice straight to the limelight.

Like many other projects, this build was initiated by the undeniable urge to add another bike to the stable when Rick saw the W650 for sale at a friend’s shop, opting to take it home and figure it out later as opposed to letting a potential winner slip by. The Wreckless duo started off with a complete teardown and rebuild of the 676cc parallel twin, including fresh seals and bearing internally, and new paint on polish on the exterior. The controls got a complete upgrade, with a fresh pair of Renthal bars providing footing for upgraded Beringer axial master cylinder, for an overall cleaned up look and improved riding posture. Kawasaki’s stock fuel tank got some attention as well, being reshaped before getting coats of Traffic White and stripes of Signal Black, for the ultra clean cafe racer look that is sure to turn heads.

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