1980 Honda CB650 ‘BL2’ By Black Lanes Motors

Skateboarding has always been about simplicity – just a plank of wood and four wheels – though this basic device opens the gates to a limitless amount of creativity and freedom for people all over the world. A couple of friends from Stockholm draw on their skateboarding’s background of this union of purity and expressiveness with their 1980 Honda CB650, simply known as BL2.

Building the 650, maybe the most obscure CB displacement seen, started for Black Lanes by tearing into the motor for a complete rebuild and fresh covering in a glossy black finish. The rear end gets the usual chop job and clean up, giving an airy, light look to the tail, which is capped nicely by a handmade leather seat. The Scandinavian fabrication duo, Andreas and Håkan, then subbed in a fuel tank from a Yamaha XS for a more boxy look than the stock unit. Andreas crafted the walnut trim by hand in the skateboarding spirit, with the front number plate style headlight cowling curving around the forks just like nose and tail of a deck. The final touch is lucky bird perched atop the handlebars, an addition seen on all Black Lanes custom builds.

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