Tetra Countertop Dishwasher

As populations in cities across the country swell and available housing stock drops, more and more folks are learning what it is like to live without a dishwasher. It isn’t ideal. But neither is having a modern, fully equipped dishwasher argues Heatworks and their partners Frog. Despite most homes only having 2 or 3 occupants, dishwashers are built to clean up to 13 place settings at a time. Their solution? The Tetra Countertop Dishwasher.

This home device was designed to take up a small amount of counter space. But despite its minimal footprint, it can hold two full place settings at a time, or up to 12 pint glasses, or 10 plates. And no worries about connecting it to a water line – all one needs to run it is a connection to an AC outlet and a half a gallon of water (poured in manually by the user). Rather than using metal heating elements that corrode over time, the dishwasher employs a patented ohmic array technology relies on graphite electrodes to heat water. This means users can more finely control the temperature for washing everything from plastic containers to your favorite coffee mug. When these are available for purchase late this year, they’re expected to retail for $300.

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