Technics SL-1000R Turntable

There are quite a few benefits to what’s been dubbed the “vinyl revival” over the past decade or so for music enthusiasts. New technology implemented via old-school design principles is one of them – made apparent by Technics’ all-new audiophile dream-machine of a turntable modeled after their very first direct drive spinner initially released decades ago.

Officially released as the Technics SL-1000R, it’s one of two releases the brand put on display at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. At the helm here is Technics’ four-layer Coreless Direct Drive Motor. However, the device now offers even less flutter and boasts enough torque needed to spin its monstrous 17-pound platter comprised of a layer of deadening rubber, an aluminum die-cast base, brass finish, and 12 tungsten bearings of weight. The SL-1000R also comes equipped with a magnesium tone arm, a five-layer cabinet along with additional space for two additional tonearms if you wish, three standard formatting speeds, and a separate control unit resulting in an insanely low signal to noise ratio. Look for this beauty to become available later in the spring with a price tag hovering around $20,000.

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