Scenic Eclipse Discovery Superyacht

Typically, passenger ships tend to fall into one of two categories: those used for exploration and those designed for relaxation. But why do you have to choose one or the other? Well, the folks at Scenic Luxury Tours & Tours don’t believe you should, because their Eclipse superyacht was created for both.

The gargantuan 168-meter vessel, which features 114 luxury suites (each with its own private balcony), houses a crew of 176 – offering a virtually 1:1 passenger-to-staff ratio. That crew is trained to deliver only the finest service across the ship’s nine dining venues, spa, indoor and outdoor pools, laundry, and more. There are also dedicated tour guides for the litany of onshore activities, from kayaking, to snowshoeing, to snorkeling and scuba-diving, to helicopter and submarine excursions, and more. And the routes take passengers all across the Atlantic from the Arctic Circle down to the tip of Antarctica. Pricing for the inaugural season aboard this comprehensive exploratory superyacht starts at $3,295.

Purchase: $3,295+

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