PicoStill Countertop Distillery

The folks at PicoBrew simplified and revolutionized home beer brewing with their series of DIY desktop brewers. Now, they’ve taken the next revolutionary step into the realm of homemade liquor with the new PicoStill Countertop Distillery.

The first-of-its-kind accessory functions as a peripheral addition to the brand’s Pico C homebrewing device – and can either be purchased separately (if you already own the brewer) or as a package deal (for those new to their devices as a whole). And its uses are two-fold: you can use it to make small and/or pilot batches of standalone spirits or you can capture the essence of hops and other oils to infuse their aroma and flavors into your homebrew or as an additive to food and drink. For those looking to expand their alcohol expertise without investing in large-scale production, it’s hard to beat this clever piece of gear. Pre-order pricing starts at $249.

Purchase: $249+

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