Nintendo Labo

Nintendo has always walked their own path. For instance, when Sony and Microsoft were dueling it out over couch-based gaming, Nintendo produced the innovative Wii console. Recently, they’ve proven that innovation sells with their new Switch console. And now, they’ve announced what might be their strangest and most original creation yet: Nintendo Labo.

It’s hard to say exactly what Labo is – part video gaming peripheral set, part DIY project. But it’s certainly interesting, if nothing else. Apparently an ongoing series, the project is a build-able set of cardboard accessories into which you incorporate the pieces of your Switch console. Then, you use them to play included interactive games, which will presumably evolve alongside the project. The first Labo set includes a small piano, a house, a fishing pole, motorcycle handlebars, and something that looks like an R/C insect. And another – a robot suit – will be released simultaneously as a separate kit. But, judging by the announcement trailer, they’ve got a lot more planned – including a camera, steering wheel and gas pedal, and more. They release on April 20th starting at $70 a kit.

Purchase: $70+

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