Leica M Typ 262 Red Anodized Finish Camera

Leica’s dot logo is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world of photography. The century-old brand’s red mark symbolizes hard won excellence and longevity in a field that’s seen a wild amount of change in the past fifty years. Now, seemingly for its own sake, Leica has released a limited edition version of the Leica M Typ 262 that’s dripping in that same famous red.

Only 100 of these bodies have been released – each with their solid aluminum base and top plate anodized in red and featuring serial numbers engraved on the hot shoe. The specs on the camera are unchanged. It still boasts a CMOS full-frame sensor capable of capturing 24-megapixel shots and adjusting ISO values up to 6400. The MAESTRO image and video processor also give the old-school looking camera lightning fast processing speeds. Hang on to it for another 100 years and it may just double in its worth.

Purchase: $7,000

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