LEGO Technic Pneumatic V8 Hot Rod

As kids, we all had this vague sense that given enough time and expertise, we could pretty much build anything we wanted out of brightly colored bricks. But, being kids, most of us just got distracted by the next shiny thing and left those bricks out for our parents and siblings to step on. The folks at Green Gecko Technic Workshop, however, never stopped building. Introducing the Lego Technic Pneumatic V8 Hot Rod.

Made from Lego Technics, this toy car features independent front suspension, pneumatic steering, a full body kit with opening doors, and a working V8 engine. That pneumatic engine runs on compressed air and can rev up to 1500 RPM at 55psi. Similar to a regular combustion engine, the cylinders are connected to the crankshaft, which in turn drives power to the back wheels. All the time and energy put into this thing means that if you were to step on it, we’re pretty sure it’d hurt the guy who built it more than it’d hurt you.

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