LEGO RC 1965 Ford Mustang GT 350-H

Back in 1965, the Hertz rental car company ordered 1,000 custom-built Shelby Mustangs. Though they were a terrible idea for a vehicle you could rent, these monsters of American Muscle became legendary in the car world. Now, custom LEGO master builder Paul Sariel has recreated a remote-controlled version of that very car – and it’s a fitting and impressive tribute.

Weighing in at just under 3.9 pounds and measuring up at about the same size as a shoebox, this model would be impressive in itself even if it didn’t do anything. But, thanks to Sariel’s clever engineering, it’s actually a functional RC car – boasting a 2-speed manual transmission driven by two electric LEGO PF L motors. And that’s just the beginning; it also features a realistic tunable suspension system, a functional hood and doors, a motor-driven V8 engine with a rotating radiator fan, a functional steering wheel, and a fully removable body. We’ve seen some excellent custom LEGO models in our time, but this one is certainly one of the most detail-oriented and comprehensively executed we’ve ever come across. Bravo, Paul Sariel.

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