Intergral 512GB Micro SD Card

Despite new advances in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and facial recognition software – we’re still not quite past going nuts over very tiny cards that hold a whole lot of information. Or at least that has been the case following news of Integral’s new 512GB Micro SD Card.

This glorified digital filing cabinet can do a lot more than just store half a terabyte of selfies. Designed specifically to be used in smartphones, tablets, and action cameras, the card allows for smooth storage of high-res videos up to 1920x1080p. Transfer speeds aren’t too bad with this little guy, either. The MicroSD card can upload information at 90MB per-second, and comes with an SD Adapter for use in larger digital cameras. To sweeten the deal that much more, the card comes with a 5-year warranty. But chances are it’ll be old news in 2.5. You can pick one of these up starting February of this year.

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