HPC Typhoon Pro Electric Mountain Bike

Getting to the top of the hill is a challenge for most, with the reward of hours spent sweating your ass off being a couple minutes of downhill bliss. Not all see the payoff in grinding up to the peak, and for those riders High Powered Cycles has you covered with their Typhoon Pro electric mountain bike.

Anchored by a tubular steel frame, this e-bike sports a monstrous 6,000 watt Crystalyte motor, with the option to upgrade to an ungodly 7,000 watt unit if you are really looking for super human power. The battery pack is a lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide chemistry and tops out 2400 watt•hours, providing a smooth discharge rate and quick recharging cycles. Cushion for the ride is furnished by DVO suspension in the form of an inverted fork up front and mono shock in the rear, each supplying 8-inches of wheel travel. With top speeds of up to 42 miles per hour, the Typhoon Pro will have you ripping up the trail as quickly as your descent.

Purchase: $11,500+

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