Garmin Xero Bow Sight

If you’ve ever been bow hunting before, it’s no secret an acute measure of depth perception and accuracy are required for a successful hunt. But what if there was a way to automatically determine the distance of your target and pinpoint exactly where you’ll strike?

Introducing the Garmin Xero, an auto-ranging digital laser bow sight that not only automatically measures your target’s distance, but provides a precise lighted pin for the shot. It’s all controlled by a silent single button trigger mounted on the bow’s grip that allows the archer to range the target while at rest or in full draw. It boasts up to 100 yards of range for game, up to 300 on reflective targets, and automatically adjusts the pin’s brightness based on current shooting conditions. The Xero is also customizable, offers target angles in addition to distances, a shot odometer, is water-rated to IPX7, and two AAA lithium batteries power the device for up to a year. Available as two different options (A1 or A1i) based on hunting preferences.

Purchase: $800+

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