DJI Mavic Air Drone

We’re sure it has to be annoying for DJI’s competitors to see them so consistently produce new and interesting drones. But it’s something we, as fans and consumers, wholeheartedly appreciate. Even small steps forward get us amped up – like their new DJI Mavic Air drone.

When we say ‘small steps,’ we mean it more literally than you might think. This new offering is tiny. In fact, it can fold down small enough to fit in a jacket pocket. But just because it’s minuscule, that doesn’t mean any functionality is sacrificed. In fact, they managed to pack a camera rig into this guy that takes 32 megapixel photos in a number of different formats (including a variety of panoramas) and shoots 30fps 4k UHD video footage. It can also shoot 120fps slow motion in 1080p. And it has 8 gigs of internal storage, can fly for up to 21 minutes, and can even guide itself autonomously. Best part is, all that will only cost you $799.

Purchase: $799

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